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  • 22 October 2019, 17:07
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Watch The Deuce Season 3 Full Episode on Putlocker Full Episode

Watch The Deuce Season 3 Full Episode on Putlocker:, The Deuce Season 3 Full Episode putlocker, The Deuce Season 3 Full Episode watch32, The Deuce Season 3 Full Episode on Putlocker , Season three brings us into the world of 1985, just as VHS overtakes film as the primary medium for porn production and distribution. The lure of the California sunshine, the city’s aggressive takeover of commercial sex properties in Times Square and the devastating impact of the AIDS epidemic mark the end of an era. With the party of the 1970s winding down, 42nd Street has deteriorated into a hive of uncontrolled violent crime and seedy video stores, making urban renewal seem more unlikely than ever before. Watch The Deuce Season 3 Full Episode Online, The Deuce Season 3 Full Episode Putlocker .
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    The Deuce Season 3 Full Episode

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  • Directed by :

    George Pelecanos, David Simon

  • Season List : The Deuce

  • Cast :

    Chris Coy,Maggie Gyllenhaal,James Franco,Dominique Fishback,Lawrence Gilliard Jr.,Margarita Levieva,Emily Meade,Chris Bauer,Michael Rispoli,Jamie Neumann,Luke Kirby,

  • Genre :

    TV Show / The Deuce / season / Drama

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The Deuce Season 3 Full Episode on Putlocker Episode List:

The Deuce Season 3 Episode 1

1. The Camera Loves You

On the eve of 1985, a worn-out Vincent reconnects with his ex-wife, Andrea as his open relationship with Abby grows more distant. Despite becoming a family man, Frankie continues his risky side hustles. With the newly dominant VHS format shaking up their industry, Candy and Harvey travel to Las Vegas for an adult film convention where they disagree on how to navigate a fast-changing future. Now a bartender at the Hi-Hat, Loretta becomes an active member of Women Against Pornography.

The Deuce Season 3 Episode 2

2. Morta di Fame

Frankie takes his amateur porn business to the next level and ends up in a confrontation with Rudy, who pushes Vincent to up his profits. Candy brainstorms a new film based on the experiences of her fellow sex workers and finds that her new beau Hank is not shaken by her past. Abby and Loretta take care of Shay when she shows up to the Hi-Hat in bad shape.

The Deuce Season 3 Episode 3

3. Normal Is a Lie

Abby befriends a graffiti artist named Pilar and takes a surprising trip downtown. Candy sets a firm line with Hank when it comes to money. Todd re-examines his priorities and asks for Paul's support. Melissa is forced to face her past.

The Deuce Season 3 Episode 4

4. They Can Never Go Home

Lori returns to New York for an audition and runs into some familiar faces. Candy speaks to her critics at a Women Against Pornography meeting. Alston takes a drastic step to deliver for Goldman. Vincent and Frankie celebrate an eventful birthday.

The Deuce Season 3 Episode 5

5. You Only Get One

A distraught Vincent follows a lead down a dangerous path. Paul reaches out to Tod's parents. Candy battles Harvey over her latest script. Lori hits the feature dancing circuit. Abby reflects on her choices. Bobby does right by Black Frankie. Alston defends the plan to clean up Midtown. Gene reckons with his conflicted personal life.

The Deuce Season 3 Episode 6

6. This Trust Thing

In the wake of a personal loss, Candy finds the emotional core of her latest movie. Abby confronts Vincent after she makes an alarming discovery. Paul turns to activism as the AIDS epidemic continues to ravage New York's gay community.

The Deuce Season 3 Episode 7

7. That's a Wrap

A struggling Lori turns to Candy for help before revisiting The Deuce. Candy makes a surprising deal to secure funding for her film. Abby takes a stand against the latest phase of Midtown redevelopment. Tommy explains the new world order to Vincent.

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