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» » Superstore Season 4 Full Episode
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  • 12 December 2018, 10:32
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Watch Superstore Season 4 Full Episode on Putlocker Full Episode

Watch Superstore Season 4 Full Episode on Putlocker:, Superstore Season 4 Full Episode putlocker, Superstore Season 4 Full Episode watch32, Superstore Season 4 Full Episode on Putlocker , A look at the lives of employees at a big box store. Watch Superstore Season 4 Full Episode Online, Superstore Season 4 Full Episode Putlocker .
  • Name :

    Superstore Season 4 Full Episode

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  • Country :


  • Directed by :

    Justin Spitzer

  • Season List : Superstore

  • Cast :

    America Ferrera,Ben Feldman,Colton Dunn,Lauren Ash,Mark McKinney,Nichole Bloom,Nico Santos,

  • Genre :

    TV Show / season / Superstore / Comedy

  • Time :


Superstore Season 4 Full Episode on Putlocker Episode List:

Superstore Season 4 Episode 1

1. Back to School

On their first day back from suspension, Amy and Jonah steel themselves for a barrage of jokes and snide comments about their sex video, while Jeff goes to extreme lengths to win back Mateo.

Superstore Season 4 Episode 2

2. Baby Shower

Jonah helps Amy get creative to stock up on supplies for her new baby, while Glenn & Jerusha take maternity pictures that inspire Dina to have her own photo shoot – art-directed by Mateo.

Superstore Season 4 Episode 3

3. Toxic Work Environment

Amy and Jonah get combative to keep their new relationship hidden from their co-workers. Meanwhile, Glenn spirals when he learns Kelly wants to transfer to a new store, and Cheyenne struggles to organize a Cloud 9 carpool.

Superstore Season 4 Episode 4

4. Costume Competition

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Superstore Season 4 Episode 5

5. Delivery Day

Amy and Dina both head to the hospital to give birth, but Amy has a vastly different delivery experience after discovering her health insurance has limited coverage.

Superstore Season 4 Episode 6

6. Maternity Leave

Amy learns she has no maternity leave and must return to work two days after giving birth; Jonah and Garrett, convinced they can make a better pick than Glenn, interview applicants for seasonal work.

Superstore Season 4 Episode 7

7. New Initiative

When a new Cloud 9 initiative forces employees to be friendlier to their customers, Amy ends up getting to know Jonah's parents - and learns he hasn't been completely truthful with them. The new policy also inspires Garrett and Dina to find out who can hold a smile longer.

Superstore Season 4 Episode 8

8. Manager's Conference

Amy and Jonah get a taste of how the other half lives when they attend a managers' conference; Mateo unwittingly reveals a secret about himself; Garrett and Dina face the trials and tribulations of the giftwrapping station.

Superstore Season 4 Episode 9

9. Shadowing Glenn

Glenn drives Amy crazy with a new, over the top training system. Cheyenne and Mateo brainstorm a new business, while Dina recruits Jonah to help her when she starts second-guessing her own future.

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