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  • 29 August 2018, 06:32
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Watch Take Two Season 1 on Putlocker Full Episode

Watch Take Two Season 1 on Putlocker:, Take Two Season 1 putlocker, Take Two Season 1 watch32, Take Two Season 1 on Putlocker , A private investigator in Los Angeles reluctantly teams up with a former star of a hit cop show. Watch Take Two Season 1 Online, Take Two Season 1 Putlocker .
  • Name :

    Take Two Season 1

  • Our rating
  • Country :


  • Directed by :

    Andrew W. Marlowe, Terri Edda Miller

  • Season List : Take Two

  • Cast :

    Rachel Bilson,Eddie Cibrian,Xavier de Guzman,Aliyah O'Brien,Alice Lee,

  • Genre :

    TV Show / Take Two / season / Comedy / Crime / Drama

  • Time :


Take Two Season 1 on Putlocker Episode List:

Take Two Season 1 Episode 1

1. Take Two

Sam Swift, the former star of a hit cop series, is fresh out of-rehab following a bender of epic proportion. Desperate to restart her career, she talks her way into shadowing rough-and-tumble private investigator Eddie as research for a potential comeback role.

Take Two Season 1 Episode 2

2. The Smoking Gun

While working surveillance on a routine cheating spouse case, Sam and Eddie hear gunshots and race in to catch a Hollywood producer standing over the body of his mistress, clutching a smoking gun. It’s case-closed as far as Eddie or any cop is concerned. But when the producer insists he’s innocent, Sam agrees to take on his case, much to Eddie’s chagrin. When their initial inquiries uncover that the producer’s mistress isn’t who she claimed to be, the pair are thrust into an investigation where

Take Two Season 1 Episode 3

3. Taken

When a popular nightclub owner and one of Eddie’s old nemeses hires Eddie and Sam to track down his club’s missing DJ, Eddie balks. Meanwhile, Sam remembers her party days at the club and clashes with Eddie over the case. As they dig deeper, Sam and Eddie learn that the missing young man was kidnapped and soon realize his abduction may be part of a plan to ignite a mob war that only they can stop.

Take Two Season 1 Episode 4

4. Ex’s and Oh’s

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Take Two Season 1 Episode 5

5. Death Becomes Him

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Take Two Season 1 Episode 6

6. The Devil You Know

Bounty hunter Piper Mannox shows up at Valetik Investigations asking Eddie and Sam for help to find an escaped prisoner who killed a guard on his way to freedom. Eddie is hesitant to work with Piper again due to their tumultuous past and her lack of moral code. However, with his cop connections, her experience finding fugitives and a quarter million dollar reward, it makes it difficult for Eddie and Sam to say no. Meanwhile, Sam feels a strong connection to Piper and turns into her biggest fan.

Take Two Season 1 Episode 7

7. About Last Night

When Sam and Eddie wake up in bed together, naked, and with no memory of the previous night, they can’t help but wonder what did or didn’t happen. But when they discover that the whole previous day is a complete blank, they begin to suspect that they were purposely drugged. The mystery deepens when, back at the office, a client they have no recollection of meeting returns to thank them for helping her recover her lost dog. Working with what little information they have, along with Berto and

Take Two Season 1 Episode 8

8. All About Ava

Sam takes an unexpected journey into her past when she and Eddie are called on to investigate the seemingly accidental death of Ava Day, star of the ‘90s sitcom “All About Ava,” which featured a 12-year-old Sam in her acting debut as Ava’s little sister. But when the investigation uncovers dark truths about past events, Sam is forced to reconcile her childhood impressions with newly found facts in order to crack the case.

Take Two Season 1 Episode 9

9. Shadows of the Past

Called to a murder scene in the middle of the night, Sam and Eddie are shocked to find that the man who had just hired them to find his missing wife is the most recent victim of a serial killer. Knowing that their client’s case must be related to his murder, Sam and Eddie race to uncover the twisted motives behind the killings. Meanwhile, the investigation stirs up old wounds for Eddie surrounding his contentious departure from the LAPD.

Take Two Season 1 Episode 10

10. Stillwater

Sam and Eddie travel to California’s wine country to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a wheelchair-bound woman. Hired by the woman’s son, the two quickly discover this is no ordinary missing person’s case when the son reveals that he witnessed her otherworldly abduction.

Take Two Season 1 Episode 11

11. Family Ties

When Detective Christine Rollins receives a frantic phone call from her younger brother asking for help, she assumes he’s gotten himself into some kind of legal trouble again. Not knowing what her brother was caught up in and hoping to avoid LAPD involvement, she turns to Sam and Eddie to help track him down.

Take Two Season 1 Episode 12

12. It Takes a Thief

Sam’s friend implores Sam and Eddie to track down and recover a $50 million painting that was stolen from his auction house. If he can’t get it back before the upcoming auction, his personal and professional reputation will be ruined. Meanwhile, Sam’s return to the dating scene tests her relationship with Eddie.

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